"The Return"
Key crew
Writer: Lucy Catherine, Adrian Hodges
Director: Marc Jobst
Release details
Series: 2
Story number: 5
Premiere broadcast: 13 February 2015
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The Musketeers
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The Return is the fifth episode of the second series of The Musketeers.

The episode was written by Simon J. Ashford and Adrian Hodges and directed by Marc Jobst.

Synopsis edit

When Athos is kidnapped and taken back to his estate of Pinon, the Musketeers go in search of him. They find themselves in the middle of a battle against Baron Renard, who is shocked by Athos' decision toreject his nobility and is determined to seize the land for himself.

As the Musketeers train the people of Pinon in combat and defend them against multiple attacks, Athos is forced to confront his past when he encounters an old friend whose life was ruined by his actions years ago.[1]

Plot edit

Kidnapped by his own field workers, Athos finds himself on his lands. They still consider him as their lord and protector, so they demand him to protect them against another lord - and his violent, spoiled and misogynistic son - who burns their field and threatens them, planing to take over Athos' land.

At first Athos tries to ignore his obvious responsibility for his desperate people and looses himself in self-pity, because of the memory of Milady, the death of Thomas and the hard decisions he had to make in his past. But D'Artgagnan, Porthos, Aramis and Treville plan to help the people, so Athos finally changes his mind. He tells his people that they can have the land, if they fight back the aggressor together with the musketeers.

In this episode another woman that once played a role in Athos' life is introduced: Catherine. She was once promised to Athos, but he "passed her over" to his younger brother, Thomas, when he fell for Milady. When Thomas was killed by Milady and Athos left his land and his people without a word, she lost everything. Therefore Cathrine hates Milady more than Athos does. When she learns that Milady is still alive and that Athos is not willing to kill her as long as she is the king's mistress, Catherine, an extraordinary shooter, decides to take Milady's fate in her hands.

Meanwhile Porthos is still convinced that Treville knows something about Porthos' past that he won't tell him, so their struggle continues.

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References edit

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