Suzette Pinault
Suzette Pinault
Affiliated with: Vadim
Appearance: Sleight of Hand
Main actor: Denise Gough

Suzette Pinault was a citizen in Paris, who lived in the Rue Lagrange where she often had nighttime visits from men.

Biography edit

She was in a deep relationship with Vadim, who visited her on many occasions. When Athos and Aramis came around to her house to interrogate her, she told them that in the latest meeting with Vadim, she had turned him away. In a secret meeting at Vadim's hideout, Suzette helped to deduce that D'Artagnan was a traitor to their cause.

Packing for her own escape with Vadim, Suzette discovered a diamond pendant amongst her clothes. While she was examining it, Milady de Winter quietly entered her room and stabbed a dagger through her throat.[1]


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