Series Three was broadcast in January 2016. On 2 February 2015, it was announced that the show had been renewed for a third series.[1]

In April 2015, the third series began filming. On the 13th of May, actors Rupert Everett and Matthew McNulty were announced in the roles of Philippe Achille and Lucien Grimaud, respectively.[2] On May the 19th, it was revealed that Milady de Winter would not appear in the early episodes of Series Three due to the actress' pregnancy.[3]

Mid-season it was reported BBC was not picking the show up for a new series, and this would be the last.[4]

Synopsis edit

Athos, D'Artagnan and Porthos have spent the past five years on the war front fighting the Spanish. Aramis has been at a monastery helping to care for orphaned children. Through the course of battle, The Musketeers fall together again and return to Paris. The Maquis de Feron has been given Rochefort's position and has control over Captain Marcheaux and his Red Guard. King Louis XIII is still dying but not even Queen Anne is aware.

Cast edit

Episodes edit

No. Image Title Writer Director Release Date
1 "Spoils of War" Simon J. Ashford Andy Hay 2016
2 "The Hunger" Simon J. Ashford Andy Hay 2016
3 "Brothers in Arms" Simon Allen Roger Golby 2016
4 "The Queen's Diamonds" Jeff Povey Nicholas Renton 2016
5 "To Play the King" Ellen Taylor - 2016
6 "Death of a Hero" Peter McKenna Nicholas Renton 2016
7 "Fool's Gold" Kelly Jones Susan Tully 2016
8 "Prisoners of War" James Payne Udayan Prasad 2016
9 "The Prize" Dusty Hughes Susan Tully 2016
10 "We Are the Garrison" Simon Allen Udayan Prasad 2016


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