Series One of the BBC television series, The Musketeers, was broadcast between January-March, 2014.

Synopsis edit

Following a major misunderstanding, D'Artagnan joins Athos, Aramis and Porthos in friendship to become one of the Musketeers. As tensions rise between Spain and France, it is the job of the Musketeers and their Captain, Treville to protect the French lands. But, with the Red Guards, under Cardinal Richelieu's control, causing corruption within the kingdom, it is difficult to do so.

Meanwhile, the four Musketeers become great friends as they try to leave the past behind and become the soldiers they were meant to be.

Cast edit

Episodes edit

# Image Title Writer Director Broadcast Date Viewer Rating
1 P01mc3y7 Friends and Enemies Adrian Hodges Toby Haynes 19 January 2014 9.28
2 P01q7mk1 Sleight of Hand Adrian Hodges Toby Haynes 26 January 2014 7.58
3 P01qmgkt Commodities Susie Conklin Saul Metzstein 2 February 2014 6.77
4 P01rp6fj The Good Soldier Adrian Hodges Richard Clark 9 February 2014 6.14
5 P01sg8w0 The Homecoming James Dormer Saul Metzstein 23 February 2014 5.91
6 P01sw209 The Exiles Ben Harris Andy Hay 2 March 2014 5.62
7 P01t9zty A Rebellious Woman James Payne Richard Clark 9 March 2014 5.69
8 P01trhsf The Challenge Susie Conklin Farren Blackburn 16 March 2014 5.45
9 P01vm067 Knight Takes Queen Peter McKenna Andy Hay 23 March 2014 5.25
10 P01w4n8j Musketeers Don't Die Easily Adrian Hodges Farren Blackburn 30 March 2014 5.27