"Musketeers Don't Die Easily"
Main enemy: Sarazin
Key crew
Writer: Adrian Hodges
Director: Farren Blackburn
Producer: Colin Wratten
Music: Murray Gold
Release details
Series: 1
Story number: 10
Premiere broadcast: 30th March 2014
Production code: 1.10
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The Musketeers
"Knight Takes Queen" "Keep Your Friends Close"

Musketeers Don't Die Easily is the tenth episode of the first series of The Musketeers, and the tenth episode of the series as a whole. The episode was written by head writer Adrian Hodges and directed by Farren Blackburn.


The series reaches its thrilling climax as an unexpected rift between the Musketeers threatens to blow them apart. Athos takes a woman hostage in the square, and the Musketeers are amazed to discover he is threatening none other than Milady. Athos is furious when he finds out that D'Artagnan knows her, testing their friendship to its limits. D'Artagnan is forced to do the unthinkable and seeks Milady's help.

The cardinal, fearful the Musketeers will prove he masterminded the attempt on the queen's life, compels Milady to kill them by any means. Milady has no choice but to revisit her dark past, and in doing so puts Constance into danger. The Musketeers must use all their wits and courage to outsmart her and save Constance. Can the Musketeers restore their team and bring Milady and the cardinal to justice? Or will Milady finally wreak her revenge?


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