Edmond de Louviers is the son of Baron Renard de Louviers.

Biography edit

Edmond is the spoiled, violent and callous heir to Baron de Louviers' lands. When his father takes over the territories of the Comte de la Fer (Athos), Edmond and his father induce tyranny upon the entire village. Edmond himself unjustly abuses it's inhabitants for the simplest and strangest of reasons. When Athos and the Musketeers arrive and try to liberate the village, Edmond and his father declare war against them. Edmond himself enters the battle and over-confidently challenges Athos to a duel. Athos proves to be a superior swordsman, and repeatedly - easily - defeats Edmond. Edmond is present during the standoff between Athos and his ex-sister-in-law, Catherine, and tries one last time to kill Athos. Catherine simultaneously shoots at Athos. the bullet misses and kills Edmond.