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Duke of Savoy
Duke of Savoy.png
Main aliases: Victor Amadeus
Position: Duke of Savoy
Affiliated with: Chancellor Cluzet
Family: Duchess of Savoy (wife)
King Louis XIII (brother-in-law)
Appearance: The Good Soldier
Main actor: Vincent Regan

Victor Amadeus, also known as the Duke of Savoy, was a very important politician in France.


During an honorary visit to Paris, the Duke was almost killed by the assassin, Marsac, before he was rushed into the Louvre palace to safety. Angered by the attack, the Duke informed King Louis XIII and Cardinal Richelieu that he would not sign the treaty bringing Savoy and France together until the culprit was captured. Taking advantage of the King's hospitality, the Cardinal informed his first minister, Gontard, that he should find out whether their Chancellor Cluzet was locked up in the Chatelet.

The Duke was later angered to hear that he would be guarded by Musketeers, and he made to show that he was reluctant to sign the treaty. To annoy the Cardinal further, he offered to duel Athos, and if he won he would return to Savoy without completing the peace talks. He initially appeared the stronger of the two fighters, but was eventually overcome and Athos drew his sword across the Duke's chest as a sign of his victory.

While his wife is playing hide and seek with his son, Louis Amadeus, he asked her whether she would support him if he sided with Spain instead of France. Warningly, she told him not trust the Cardinal. Claiming that he was already careful around the Cardinal, he started to affectionately kiss her, but was interrupted by Gontard who had irrefutable news that Cluzet was in Paris. With his minister, he confronted the King and Cardinal with this information and declared that he would see Cluzet immediately.

The Duke and Gontard meet with the Cardinal.

The Duke demanded entry to the prison and headed directly to Cluzet's cell. However, when he entered to find that Cluzet was not the prisoner, he turned furiously to his first minister. Embarrassed, he agreed to the Cardinal's terms and returned to the palace. Still in doubt, the Duke finally agreed to sign the treaty that bound France and Savoy together.[1]


The Duke was generally a very suspicious man, who was predominantly paranoid that his political position was in jeopardy. Deep-routedly, he has a loathing for France and his principality's affiliation with the country. This ultimately motivates him to believe that France and King Louis were responsible for Chancellor Cluzet's disappearance. He even goes so far as to fight a Musketeer as a threat to both the King and Cardinal that he many not sign the treaty. This showed that he had the arrogance to believe that he could defeat one of the greatest warriors the Musketeers had.[1]