Job: Soldier
Affiliated with: Red Guard
Armand Richelieu
First seen in: Friends and Enemies
Main actor: Joe Wredden

Dujon was a member of the Red Guard and an employee of Armand Richelieu.

Biography edit

He played card games with Porthos sometimes and once when he lost, he reacted badly and decided to duel for the money. Athos supervised this duel and decided that as Dujon was losing, he was knocked out. They left him the money, however. He was later captured by Porthos who questioned him on the murder of Cornet, whilst his fellow Musketeer Aramis prepared to shoot him. He revealed that the culprit was their leader, Captain Gaudet.

In the Chatelet, Dujon was visited by Cardinal Armand Richelieu who thanked him for not incriminating him to the Musketeers. Hoping to be released, Dujon joined the Cardinal in a drink, but was unaware that it had been poisoned and died in his cell.[1]


Easily led, and with little courage, Dujon is a hot-tempered Red Guard who quickly wants to duel with anyone who makes him out to be an idiot. When he is captured later by Porthos and Aramis, he begged for mercy and cried for his life. In the end, he revealed his captain as the culprit. Out of fear for his life again, he didn't mention the Cardinal's involvement, and believed he had been quite wise not to do so. In a state of false security, he was naive enough to drink from the poisoned cup offered to him by the Cardinal in his cell.[1]


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