The Chatelet was a prison situated in Paris where the King's criminals were taken.


  • Athos (temporarily) - after being framed for crimes he didn't commit, Athos was to be executed after a night in jail.[1]
  • Dujon - After a plot was discovered to destroy the Musketeers, Dujon was imprisoned for his involvement. However, in a meeting with the Cardinal, he was poisoned.[1]
  • D'Artagnan - Arrested for dueling illegally, he was in the Chatelet in order to get closer to fellow prisoner, Vadim, for the Musketeers.[2]
  • Vadim - Imprisoned for plotting against his royal majesty. He later escaped to steal from the Louvre palace.[2]
  • Cluzet - Imprisoned by Richelieu to weaken Savoy.[3]
  • Serge - Pretended to be a prisoner in Cluzet's cell when the Duke got wind of his ex-chancellor's presence in Paris.[3]


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