Job: Cloth Merchant
Family: Constance Bonacieux (wife)
First seen in: Friends and Enemies
Final appearance: A Marriage of Inconvenience
Main actor: Bohdan Poraj

Jacques-Michel Bonacieux was a cloth merchant married to Constance.


Bonacieux was intrigued one day to find his wife attending to the wounds of a stranger, D'Artagnan. While he was discussing his reputation in the city, Bonacieux was interrupted by the arrival of two Musketeers who required the stranger's help and escorted him from the house.[1]

While visiting the Musketeer courtyard to provide cloth for the soldiers' clothing, Bonacieux directly insisted that he could believe D'Artagnan would be arrested as he found him the criminal type. Returning from business one night, Bonacieux was enraged to find D'Artagnan had visited his house, but he was stopped by the Musketeers from taking any action. Later, the Musketeers explained the reason for D'Artagnan's behaviour and he accepted their apology.[2]

Milady de Winter claimed to known of Bonacieux's money problems, and said so to his wife.[3]


As a cloth merchant, Bonacieux shows a timid character, who is displeased with Constance for bringing a stranger into their home, but is respectful enough to help him.[1]

Nevertheless, he does show his pomposity, and treats Constance unkindly sometimes, almost as if she was beneath him. He did nothing for anyone but himself and expected her to do as he said simply because she was his wife.[1]


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