"An Ordinary Man"
Key crew
Writer: Peter McKenna
Director: John Strickland
Producer: Colin Wratten
Music: Murray Gold
Release details
Series: 2
Story number: 012
Premiere broadcast: 9 January 2015
Production code: 2.02
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The Musketeers
"Keep Your Friends Close" "The Good Traitor"

An Ordinary Man is the second episode of the second series of The Musketeers. The episode was written by Peter McKenna and directed by John Strickland.

Synopsis edit

King Louis demands to experience the life of his carefree subjects, but his night of fun quickly comes to an end when he and d'Artagnan are mistaken for commoners and kidnapped by the notorious criminal, Lemaitre to be sold to Spain as slaves.

The Musketeers must find and rescue d'Artagnan and the king. Can they save Louis from mortal danger and will they return him to the palace in time for the dauphin's christening?

Meanwhile Rochefort uses the king's absence to become closer to Queen Anne.

Plot edit

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Cast edit

Crew edit

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Episode Reception edit

Reviewer Rob Kemp from called the episode "a step up from last week's so-so season opener bringing some much needed thrills and depth whilst also seeing the return of a first season favourite, Milady."[1]

Kemp also complimented the development of the character of Rochefort: "Warren’s Rochefort is better here than last week’s entertaining but a little-too-on-the-nose portrayal (for one, the manic stares have thankfully gone). It’s clear that Rochefort is no Richelieu, but then that would have only served to remind us of the Capaldi-sized hole they had to replace. Rochefort is written as being more direct in his strategy, but there’s nothing wrong in that as not every villain has to have Moriaty levels of intellect to be appreciated as worthy – indeed Rochefort’s more direct and physical nature and the manner in which Warren carries off his lies and subterfuge with an arrogance and visible smugness has already got me crying out for his comeuppance, which in my book is a good indicator of a well-played git."[1]

Reviewer Lindsay MacDonald from criticized the basis of the episode: "Personally, I felt like this episode played out a bit too much like a sit-com, with the premise and the "uh-oh" moment set up a too perfectly."[2]

References edit

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