Adele Bessette
Adele Bessette
Affiliated with: Aramis
Family: Armand Richelieu (official lover)
First seen in: Friends and Enemies
Main actor: Emily Beecham
Adele Bessette was the mistress of Cardinal Richelieu and who had a secret affair with Aramis of the Musketeers.

Biography edit

She often spent time with Aramis, the Musketeer, who loved her more than her master. When the Cardinal returned early, she forced Aramis to escape through the window, however, she was unable to give him his pistol. She pretended to be pleased to see him, and asked whether the Cardinal could spend more time with her instead of state affairs. Thankfully, her master did not see Aramis out the window.

Later Adele and the Cardinal went by carriage to a woodland on the outskirts of Paris, told by her master that it was a surprise. As she exited the carriage, a musket was pointed at her, where the Cardinal called her out as a spy and a traitor, revealing his knowlege of her affair. Screaming for mercy, in her dying words Adele pleaded that she loved Aramis, mistakenly informing the Cardinal of the owner of the musket he found in their bedroom. She was murdered in the woods whilst the Cardinal watched.[1]


Tortured by her arrangement to the Cardinal, Adele lost her loyalty when she fell in love with Aramis. Despite their regular encounters, she still felt guilty for doing wrong behind her master's back. Her love for Aramis blinded her from the truth of the Cardinal's intentions, and she was naive enough to believe that she was safe. Despite herself, in the moment of her death, she showed great loyalty to Aramis, through and through - even though she disclosed his identity.[1]


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