"A Rebellious Woman"
Key crew
Writer: Jamie Payne
Director: Richard Clark
Producer: Colin Wratten
Music: Murray Gold
Release details
Series: 1
Story number: 7
Premiere broadcast: 9 March 2014
Production code: 1.07
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The Musketeers
"The Exiles" "The Challenge"

A Rebellious Woman is the seventh episode of the first series of The Musketeers. The Episode was written by James Payne and directed by Richard Clark.

Synopsis edit

Following the tragic death of a young girl underneath the royal carriage, The Musketeers' investigations into her missing friend lead them into the world of a highborn and enlightened woman, Ninon, who really gets under Athos' skin. The Musketeers are forced to put aside their animosity towards the Cardinal when his life is placed in danger, and rescue this extraordinary woman.

Plot edit

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Crew edit

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