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• 1/9/2018

Treville and such

I'm sorry but am I the only one who cried like a baby in the last two episodes of season three?
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• 11/27/2017

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• 6/20/2016

Can somebody help me figure out the time line or season3?

Because I'm confused, there seem to be some contradictions in the time that has passed by the things they say and the age of the dauphin. Especially episode 3 has me really confused.
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• 4/3/2015

Photo of my New Kitten!!!

My new kitten, I named him Hairball.
[Kiiten Pic[1]]
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• 4/5/2014

Help needed!

Hi everyone :) First of all, big shout out to everyone for their help in making the merger of the existing Musketeers wikis a smooth success! Now, let's take our newly combined community and forge ahead! Wikia have identified this as a priority community — which means we need to get as much work done on it as possible in the next few days. We basically need to make sure that the most important parts of this franchise get decent pages ASAP. So, the kinds of things we need right now are pages for:

all main characters
all main actors
all episodes
a series 1 page with a complete listing of episodes
a series 2 page with as much sourced information as we can get about the new commission (which, at this point, isn't much — so this page will be pretty short)
a bit more work on The Musketeers itself. It should be able to explain what the series is, how it came to be, what kind of reception it's gotten so far and what's known about its future. The episode page that's been started there so far can be shifted to the as-yet-uncreated series 1 page.
Thanks so much, guys, for your renewed enthusiasm for this project! If you have any questions, please lemme know. :)
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